Monday, February 23, 2009

Article on Web Age

The article “In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update” is about how information on the web has changed the way librarians teach children how to research. The age of the web has changed from careers to education.

What I thought was interesting about this article is the fact that Librarians are being trained to become multimedia specialists. They learn how to use the internet and certain programs that children will need to for their education. They teach the students how to make PowerPoint presentations, how to make videos and how to use the internet for research as an additional source. The Librarian Ms. Rosalia also warns her students that not everything on the internet is true and that is why they have to research carefully and use multiple sources to support their work.

The internet has changed the world in many forms and this one of them. Books are no longer the only way to research. The internet has multiple sources, you can find, articles, books newspaper articles etc.

Article from the

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Web Terms from Articles

IPO – (Initial Public Offering) When a company allows the public purchase and own shares of its company for the first time.

WebTop – A desktop embedded into a web browser. The desktops are similar to those of a Windows, Mac, UNIX or Linux desktop. It is a virtual desktop that accesses applications, data, files, settings etc. exists in a remote network.

API – Application Programming Interface is a set of routines, data, objects, protocols given by libraries or os that supports the building of applications

P2P – Peer 2 Peer is a network where you connect to other users using a certain bandwidth instead of connecting a sole server which most likely won’t be as varied. Commonly used for file sharing programs.

MYSQL – Is a program with a database management system with millions of users. Websites that have high traffic such as Facebook, Myspace and Youtube use MSQL for data storage.

PERL – It is a dynamic programming language, it has features of other programming languages such as C, shell scripting, it is also used for graphics, administration and networking.

PHP – Is a scripting language that in implemented into html for web development.

NNTP - is an Internet application protocol used primarily for reading and posting Usenet articles (aka netnews), as well as transferring news among news servers. Brian Kantor of the University of California, San Diego and Phil Lapsley of the University of California, Berkeley completed RFC 977, the specification for the Network News Transfer Protocol, in March 1986. Other contributors included Stan Barber from the Baylor College of Medicine and Erik Fair of Apple Computer.

Cloudmark – A company that produces programs that protect against spyware, viruses, spam and phishing.

ASIN – is a distinctive id number by and its partners for product identification within