Monday, March 9, 2009


ActiveX - A programming interface (API) that allows web browsers to download and execute Windows programs.

API (Application Programming Interface) - An interface for letting a program communicate with another program. In web terms: An interface for letting web browsers or web servers communicate with other programs. (See also Active-X and Plug-In)

Applets - Small software applications that download with a Web document, enhancing its presentation on your screen and eliminating the need for specialized viewing software to be permanently installed on your computer.

DHTML (Dynamic HTML) - A term commonly to describe HTML content that can change dynamically.

Encryption - To convert data from its original form to a form that can only be read by someone that can reverse the encryption. The purpose of encryption is to prevent unauthorized reading of the data.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amazon goes beyond...

Kindle like Free App gadeget is introduced to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch opening a wider range of possibility of e-book readers. The program can be download in the online itunes stores it allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to read the same e-books that Kindle owners that buy on

This gives Amazon more possible e-book buyers ( 4.3 million 3G iPhones were sold in the US in 2008) This could increase sales for Amazon, although Amazon hopes that this app is a starters way of being introduced to e-book reading and buying and in hopes that will interest users to purchase a Kindle.

I think this is a great way to not limit people to just using a Kindle or the Sony's Digital Reader. Also I am certain the people would prefer to read e-books on something small and portable like an iPhone or and iPod Touch.