Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Digital Diaries = Blogging


As more and more people blog they use it as a means to express their feelings and document the daily events in their lives.

Zatik-Sawyer blogs about her life as a mother, wife, writer and a restaurateur. When she is having some issues with her husband she writes an entry in her blog instead of arguing with her husband. Since her husband doesn’t say much especially under pressure and works long hours he reads her blog all the time. After that he discusses the issues with his wife.

“But while bloggers tout the benefits of their online journals as a way to help them navigate the twists and turns of the relationship road, experts point out one big potential pothole: blogging is public.

I think it can be helpful, but it is a very indirect communication tool,” says Dr. John Grohol, founder of PsychCentral.com and author of “The Insider’s Guide to Mental Health Resources Online.”

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